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require more elaborate work

In the choice of wood, the changes are more subtle and what your budget might be for you to choose.
Blind installation fee
The cost of installing wooden shutters by professionals is usually £ 75 per hour. This may vary depending on where you live in the UK and how complex your project is.
It is worth noting that we currently have installers available to serve the following areas:
Brighton, Huff and Eastbourne
Bristol and Bath
Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Bournemouth
Conditions affecting plantation closure costs
Obviously, we haven't seen what your window looks like, the cost discussed here is only an estimate. We can tell you that there are several factors that will add a bit to your estimate:
Some decorative materials around the windows are more difficult to install than plantation windows, which adds to the installation cost.
If your windows are triangular, diamond-shaped, or fan-shaped, the cost per square meter may be higher than usual.
Tall windows or tall windows can be a bit difficult to install on the wall, which may add a little cost.
You're unlikely to find any of these restrictive clauses really cost your budget. Remember, this may mean slightly adjusting your expectations.
What about bay window shutters?
In most cases, whether it is a frame window, a three-segment window or a curved window, it is the same as other windows. But you should estimate the cost of window shutters based on the

amount of glass, not the size of the window openings on your wall.
In practice, this means that when you start the process and estimate the cost very roughly, you should carefully think of a three-segment window as three windows, not one.
Of course, there are many sections of curved window sills that require more elaborate work, which will mean higher installation costs.
Ways to reduce the cost of plantation shutters
If your budget is tight, the best place to start is to order online and handle the installation yourself. At West Wharf, we work directly with our trusted production partners, which means

we pass the best price to you.
Cafe-style blinds only cover the lower part of the window, so they offer some unique functional benefits. But they also reduce the cost per window of a blind.
Our customers were initially impressed that the blinds are classic and premium decoration items that improve their well-being and add value to their home. They eventually thought our blinds

were cheaper than expected.
Can you make a shutter yourself to reduce costs?
Well, of course, in theory, it would be cheaper to start your own windows and shutters from scratch.
Despite all the considerations, we believe that our own shutters will ultimately be more affordable and give you the best results.
What makes blinds good value for money?
Needless to say, we are big fans of the plantation shutters. We know from experience that homeowners love them because they tell us. From the feedback we collected, what we heard was:
Durable and Permanent: The plantation shutters are very abrasion and tear resistant, they are designed to be used and will last for many years. They have been popular for a long time, so

you won't change them for new trends. This means that when calculating the cost of a blind, you should divide it into years or decades.
Natural light control: We all like sunlight, but sometimes you want to turn it down a bit. Slanted shutters provide just the right amount of light for your space.
Stay private: Sometimes you don't need George and Sheila next door to watch the TV show you watch in the living room on Wednesday night. It's time to close the blinds.
Versatility: Tilt levers are used to position each panel to suit your needs. With cafes or layer-by-layer blinds, you can choose to fully open the top part and let the light in, while

closing the bottom to keep privacy.
Temperature control: Blinds help prevent unnecessary airflow, saving your home heating bill.
Easy to clean: Indoor blinds are made of durable wood or vinyl. Quickly wipe them clean and look like new. Can you say curtains like this?
Calculating the price of blinds
Obviously, shutters will not be the cheapest option when it comes to covering the windows of your home. They are a lasting, timeless statement that has a very positive effect on the feeling

of a room and the feeling that you live in your house.
We believe you will decide on our blinds, which will mean taking accurate measurements and getting a detailed quote. However, at the same time, you can get a rough idea by considering the

How much area do you need to cover with blinds?
Do you like high-quality finishes with a pronounced texture like hardwood?
Who is responsible for installing blinds in your home? Do you do it yourself or hire a professional?
Nevertheless, we think you will be very surprised by the price of the blinds. Once you take into account the decades of fun, you will get doubled once your shutters are installed.
Write us an article today and we will begin your process of getting the right shutters in your existing house or new building.

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