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the cold country network

So though the Yan flies have already known five now getting stripe of class unmanned machines template, also mostly make sure to get stripe the choice scope of template in the heart, but can not let the unmanned machine get stripe right away, because he still lacks to get stripe have to product.From Europe after returning to China, the Yan flies always at concentrating on looking for the third unmanned machine to get stripe have to product, but so long time in but hasn't been getting what useful clues, so how find out to lately get stripe have to the problem of product put at the Yan fly in front.
    In addition, the Yan flies and thinks that the invisible airplane that scan to make selection gets stripe template, have to approach to get stripe template in person, get stripe template to carry on a scanning to this.But during the period of scanning, his essence can not act, Plantation shutters and scan time to a little bit be partial to long, will make him probably be discovered.So how approach these three kinds of invisible airplanes of rice soldier, and carry on a scanning to them, similarly put in the Yan and fly a hard nut to crack of the in front.
    The time in the second day morning, six Ping pings discover that the Yan flies up the time of class some appearances of absence of minds, obviously not at work status.The Yan flies to look a bit anxious, he continuously of look into news on the network, and still turn on the television in the office to watch everyplace of news syndication, however turn off the voice of television, look a bit uncanny.
    Six Ping pings cannot help but calling the Yan flies some times, the Yan flies to all have no reaction.Is curious in the heart of Ping Ping, however don't inquire right away, but the secretary who flies inside in the Yan office arrives to outside room, make them not see the Yan fly anxious and fretful rude in behavior of appearance, support Yan to fly on the image of company.
    One whole daytime, the Yan flew all to check to seek to take place last night online the sea in the cold country gets empty a reporting of war, regrettable but had no news be reported by the reporter.However strangely fits of BE, cold army square and rice army square associately declare, they have already developed one to unite a military exercise in the neighborhood of cold country star continent county last night, this drill will keep on a period of time.But for the sake of the life safety of guarantee cold country citizen, they have already blockaded the big slice of district in the star continent county neighborhood, everyone doesn't want to close to there, so as not to appear a surprised circumstance.
    If change to make others, because don't know inside story, wooden shutters blinds also really think cold rice two armies the square really hold to unite a military exercise in the star continent county.However the party concerned Yan of affairs flies knows the circumstance of inside very much this time, he cannot helps but despising a cold army square, clearly ate so big Kui last night,did not dare to tell own citizen to know, but chose mental reservation.Just don't know that this affair can also conceal much for a long time, once the cold country citizen discovers that their navy is without two new Rui battleship, doesn't know them to will how think?
    The Yan flies last night and the cold country navy fought a , resulted in huge loss for cold country navy.However because political aspect causal consideration, the cold country doesn't dare to go out this affair announcement, their aring this affair don't take place similar, on the cold country network can't see the least bit and unusually.Isn't only this, they still and just and actively cover up last night star continent county occurrence of excrescent circumstance, completely return to knot for cold rice both parties' consociation military exercise it, pour is let the Yan fly this originator to be at large.
However the Yan flies also and doesn't put the reaction of cold country too in the mind, his putting is more idea at watch television news appearance up, expecting can on TV get the third in the news appearance getting stripe have to product of information.But a news appearance of daytime see down, but what useful intelligence report clueses didn't get, this let the Yan fly upset and matchless, he unmanned machine quickly get stripe of the hope destine to carry out so smoothly.

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