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Hublot 406.MC.0138.RX Big Bang Unico 45 mm Unico Perpetual Calendar


It was a big day for replicas hublot watches , a Swiss luxury watch. In "watch love football, football love watch" China conference, watch table officially announced that a generation of legendary football coach cut omar, lippi became friend watch watch brand, become the pele, the world's first flying Mr Thain, usain bolt, the NBA superstar kobe Bryant, and famous football coach jose mourinho, Roy hodgson, and Louis philippe luiz felipe scolari, who, after another to join that watch table star-studded family heavyweights!

45 mm wrist watch with the classic circular shape presented, people think of racing tachometer. The case is made of 3D carbon fiber, which is a special polymer composite made of 3D fiber. It is often used in the field of motor sports. It is not only durable, but also fashionable. Is located on the side of the crown engraved is ferrari classic prise horse LOGO LOGO, all around the use of anti-skid texture design, the timing of convenient grasp, not easy to hand slip. Timing buttons were placed on both sides, and one button was painted red, echoing the legendary ferrari color. Contain the design of red thread around adornment of the sapphire crystal that prevents blindfold, much a bright color. The design of the plate surface is also elaborate and ingenious, hollow plate surface allows people to peek into the beauty of the movement, 12 o 'clock position with ferrari classic pram logo, 3 o 'clock with a calendar display window, can read time information clearly and intuitively. The two timing panels are located at 3 o 'clock and 9 o 'clock, best replica watch site forming a symmetry.

Watch with black rubber watchband, the outer layer of Schedoni leather wrapped, and maranello racing seats have a similar style, at the same time, the black rubber watchband and watch the overall sports style is also very fit. It is worth mentioning that this brand new watch carries HUB1280, the second self-produced movement under the brand. This movement is only 6.75mm thick and its guide wheel can be seen from the side. It can provide 3-day power storage and meet the daily wear requirements. Seen from the back, the movement is decorated with ferrari's prancing horse logo, with speed and passion visible between the wrist.

Hublot and ferrari have built a bridge between the automobile world and watch machinery. The design of ferrari elements and hublot's aesthetic style have presented a masterpiece of great impact.

The mp-09 dual-axis tourbillon watch of hublot fake luxury watches is a completely visible dual-axis rotating tourbillon, and its new and original case can 100% highlight the mystery of this self-produced movement. Made of titanium (model: 909.nx.1120.rx), the case is specially designed to highlight the "beating heart" of the watch. In the dial 6 o 'clock position with wide hollow window, through three sapphire mirror, biaxial tourbillon charm of the swing glance, according to its official data, the biaxial design than ordinary tourbillon can overcome the influence of gravity. Hollow dial, the original date adjustment system, simple and quite practical, through the case left AD hoc dial button simple up and down, can quickly two-way adjustment calendar. Multi-level dial structure, alternating black, white and red. Near the hours and minutes display, the date display is arranged in two semicircles, which can change at different levels in an instant. 9 o 'clock position with 5 days of power reserve display, and with an English logo, using such a striking English logo, some impact on the overall aesthetics.

The interesting double-axis tourbillon shows the extreme beauty of mechanical movement. The first axis rotates every minute, and the second axis rotates every 30 seconds, which is pleasing to the eyes. Diameter 49 mm diameter,hublot big bang replica case thickness 17.95 mm, very weight.

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