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Richard Mille RM 11-03 AUTOMATIC FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH Replica watch


The perpetual calendar system displays the Gregorian calendar. The perpetual calendar not only recognizes the number of days in the calendar year, but also understands that the second month of the leap year is only 29 days. The series needs to be adjusted one day to 2100. This is because the Gregorian calendar specifically stipulates that if a year can be divided by 100, that year is not a leap year. The number of days per month is programmed into a grooved 48-segment gear that is mechanically sampled by a date-shifting lever. The deeper the sampling richard mille sapphire groove, the fewer the number of days in the month.

Another feature of the perpetual calendar is that it will advance all displays at midnight, except for the moon phase. The calendar display is set at 9:00, 12:00 and 3 o'clock. The sub dial on the left shows the day of the week, the top shows the month in the four-year cycle, and the right shows the date. The upper part of the 1/5 hop stop dial is a blue, solid gold moon phase dial that accurately reflects the lunar cycle. - White gold case with 38 mm diameter and diamonds on the outer ring

- Dial: Extra white and white mother-of-pearl, gradient blue, mother-of-pearl micro-painted kites, white K gold and diamond stars. The upper part: special white and white mother-of-pearl inlaid and carved landscapes and figures.

Felipe has great debugging ability and is good at listening, so it is appreciated by team technicians. He set an exemplary record in the Ferrari team: a total of 132 times, 11 championships and 15 pole positions, and won the runner-up in the 2008 Formula One World Championship, only one point behind Lewis Hamilton.

The RICHARD MILLE brand family grew up with Felipe. In 2004, Felipe, who was still playing for the BMW Sauber team, became the brand's first partner and worked with RICHARD MILLE to develop a series of extraordinary watches named after their initials F.M.

As the official test driver of the brand, Felipe assisted in the development of watchmaking technology solutions that were never seen before, and is still being tested in the world's largest racing track. The most outstanding achievement in the cooperation between the two parties is the use of RM 006 FM and nano carbon fiber. That was the first tourbillon watch that appeared on the starting line of the Formula 1 Formula One race. Felipe also wore this watch throughout the 2004 season. This richard mille replica > watch has witnessed the victory and glory of Brazilian driver Felipe.

After 9 years, Felipe Massa is not just a partner for RICHARD MILLE. The hero cherished the hero and formed a profound friendship between the two. "Felipe is a very intelligent and meticulous man. His amazing record is only the beginning of his bright career. We share with him, as a strong and sincere friendship with our friend Rafael Nadal." Richard Mille explained.

Regardless of how the 2014 season will develop, the RICHARD MILLE family and all of its partners will continue to support Felipe's decision in the racing world. We are convinced that no matter what choices he makes, he will make a gorgeous life legend.

Often large complex timepieces combine three major complications, including short-term measurements, three-question devices, and astronomical displays. I hope to break through the limitations of watchmaking skills, and add a rare two-second chase in the timing function. The large and complex watch is made by the most exquisite watchmakers. It is a masterpiece of precision and meticulous craftsmanship. Its craftsmanship is at its peak, like a multi-piece dynamic sculpture, challenging the boundaries of time.

For example, in other craft categories, watchmakers must master all the traditional techniques in order to reinterpret the watchmaking art to meet contemporary aesthetic standards. With his skillful craftsmanship, watchmakers crafted the Royal Oak series to create a chronological aesthetic with a large and complex function. In line with the 40th anniversary of this series, the brand has once again brought a new watch model, with a contemporary case, the design is immortal, in addition, the brand presents a series of extraordinary classic rose gold watches replica pocket watch.

Before 1991, there was only one world-famous exhibition with global influence in the world. Switzerland is a small country, but because of the federal system, the state and state are not different. Basel is a city with little to do with timepieces, and Basel is the capital of Swiss pharmaceutical and art design. There are several major schools in Switzerland's watch industry (Geneva, La Chaux, Valley, Schaffhausen)... They did not give each other and decided to hold a exhibition in a relatively neutral place. The origin of the Basel exhibition. The Basel exhibition has been held for 100 years in 2017, with nearly 1,500 exhibitors.

Previously, Biver predicted that swiss's smart watches could reach 4 to 50,000 units. Now the market demand for this watch has reached 80,000. He hopes that swiss's watches will reach double digits in 2016. Sales growth rate.

Biver said: "The increase in turnover this year is mainly from the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Australia. The broad market in these four regions, as well as the popularity of network-connected smart watches, helped TAG's sales in the top five in 2016. In the middle of the month, On November 9, 2015, swiss, Intel Corporation and Google jointly launched a smart watch designed by Swiss luxury watch brand swiss,fake watches uk which is powered by Intel technology. And benefit from the powerful Android Wear system. The launch of the swiss Connected Smart Watch with Intel technology was held at the LVMH Building in New York on the morning of November 10th, Beijing time.

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